Though purportedly titled “Piccolo Quintet #4 in D-flat” and played by the PanGlobal Piccolo Co-op, this piece is in fact entitled “A Dubious Gamble,” performed by the players below. It deals with the difficulty of human communication abstractly, through vocal and physical performance, video, and electronic audio, falling somewhere between music, performance art, and an abstract play. The piece's false purported title and description, the indeterminate beginning and end, and the audience members who unexpectedly become performers all contribute to confusion and unease in the audience, confounding standard expections and mirroring and exaggerating the feelings inherent in the human experience of interaction with the outside world. Questions are posed, but the answers are unclear or scattered, and the questions themselves are always open to misinterpretation. The performers, video, and electronic audio stumble through and contribute to a world of mangled statements and obscured intentions, attempting to reach coherence together by any means possible, including music. Their success is a matter of your own subjective opinion.

Many thanks to the CUNY New Music Festival for programming this piece and putting up with the unusual demands it requires, and many, many thanks to the people who worked with me in implementing, shaping, and performing in this project, as it could never have happened without their input (and willingness to act strangely); the piece is as much theirs as it is mine. Incidentally, purposefully acting incoherently is much more difficult than one might think; try it yourself.

- Howie Kenty
Jeff Aldrich is a New York-based musician and composer currently studying theory and composition at The Juilliard School. He is the singer for the indie pop band Tens of Thousands and the progressive rock band The Benzene Ring. There was a reason they changed the prices. He went into the store and they would not give him a refund. He is tired of the mess. Someone needs to dig a hole in the backyard to bury what was never released pre-released making fun of everything going wrong trying to rediscover stop it stop it stop it.
Eric Hertenstein has been made available for assundry flash-mob presentations of classical and contemporary dramatic works in Greater New York since graduating from New York University in 2000 with a degree in Nothing, but has as of yet to be employed in that regard. Greater industry has been established in his application as a composer and multi-instrumentalist in musical ensembles including, but not exclusive to, modern rock quintet The Benzene Ring, and avant-metal chamber ensemble The Monster Project. He has recently been attempting to build a statistically consistent infinite topiary maze via studies at Fordham University, Lincoln Center.
By day Susan Pickover is a textile designer but by night she makes up songs and dances on the spot with her musical improv group VEAL. She wants you to play Words with Friends, so start a game with her. Username: Pickover.
Abby Holland is an actress/comedian originally from Rochester, NY. She currently studies improv and sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade. With several Internet blog credits, you may have seen her on VH1′s Best Night Ever, or enjoyed her writing on The Pop Crunch Show. She's in the improv groups Oh Boy! and Veal (musical Improv), whose members met at UCB and perform at their monthly show at The Players Theater. Check out more videos from her group Abadaba!


Mike Hannon is an Irish film maker and video artist whose work spans various genres and has been internationally exhibited in a variety of contexts. He first developed an interest in the moving image at the age of twelve, but had been investigating the principles of best practice in the field of mixed media for eight years prior. His filmic acumen has been honed on a wide variety of successful projects, including ethnographic documentary, narrative cinema, experimental music video and visual art. His value derives from a keen compositional eye and a sensitive understanding of the interactive effects of medium, rhythm, affect and meaning.
Howie Kenty is a composer living in New York. He creates all kinds of contemporary electro-acoustic prog-rock artsoundmusic, solo and in The Benzene Ring and Grandpo. In addition to composing and freelancing, he performs all over at international festivals and rock shows. He is currently attempting to Master the Art of Composition at the Aaron Copland School of Music.



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